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Dacco carpet cleaning services are unrivalled. A carpet is a large investment in any home or business – its colour, style, condition and cleanliness are vital to portraying the best possible image. Dacco utilise the latest in hot water extraction. A water sprayer forces dirt particles to the surface where a high powered vacuum extractor carries them away to a collection bucket outside the property. What makes our carpet cleaning services different?

  • We clean right down to the base of the carpet

  • Fast drying service (carpets 1 - 2 hours, upholstery 4 - 6 hours)

  • No shrinkage

  • Furniture moved on request

  • No loss of colour

Did you know?

  • Spot stain removal and industrial shampooing are the main carpet cleaning methods.

  • Regular maintenance is very important as stains are increasingly difficult to remove the longer they are ignored.

  • Carpet cleaning also removes the minute carpet and dust mites that live and breed in your carpet.

  • Carpet mites are the leading cause of allergies in the home and are responsible for a large number of asthma attacks.